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Production areas

Ideas, created by MEKA’s developers, are being put into practice at four production sites. In our factories, each equipped with the latest technology, we are manufacturing high-quality machines and plants with the use of modern and environmentally-friendly technologies.


temelli 1 2


Temelli-1 fabric

This production facility was established in the Ankara-organized industrial zone “Baskent OSB”. The total area of this factory is 15.800 m 2 with a closed area of 10.000 m 2 .

Our factory was the first one in this industrial zone. The fabric is equipped with high-quality equipment and a team of highly qualified engineers, as well as constant premium production.



temelli 2 3

Temelli-2 fabric

Our second factory, with a total area of 25000 m², is located in the same Ankara industrial area as the Temelli-1 fabric- “Baskent OBS”. The fabric is equipped with advanced high-technological equipment for cutting and processing, as well as for metal structures painting. The pride of the fabric is the use of CNC Bohrwerk machines and the presence of a high-temperature spray booth. The production line of this factory is focused on the manufacturing of products of the crushing and screening equipment.



The fabric in Eskisehir

The fabric is in the Eskisehir organized industrial zone, with a total area of 30 500 m², and 10 000 m²of the closed production area.

This fabric produces concrete mixers, concrete plants, and various kinds of equipment for them.

MEKA fabric –Eskisehir has a very extensive machine and equipment fleet. Furthermore, it possesses experienced engineers and is very capable of autonomous development and manufacturing of any components and metal structures, as well as a capacity of installation, being put into the operation and providing of service for the manufactured product.

The distinguishing feature of the fabric is the ability to process steel structures with a weight of up to 10 tons and external dimensions of 7 m x 2,5 m x 2,5 m. Equipment, which is ready for panting, is processed through a sandblasting machine. After the painting booth, all equipment parts enter the assembly division, where they are assembled, and then pass the control line for equipment shipping from the factory.


Execution of the factory in the corporate style
We manufacture the equipment in the corporate style of the company for free. Our designers will offer you several options.
MEKA specialist from the construction division will come to your office for the agreement on the location of the equipment at the customer’s site.
You can always get phone consultations from specialists from all divisions of the MEKA company.
Project design and technical documentation
We develop free of cost a package of design and technical documentation for the placement CMP layout at the construction site.
Selection of the source of heat supply
We will select the optimal source of heat supply for concrete plants, depending on your energy sources
The formula
Within the framework of a collaboration with the German company MC-Bauchemie, MEKA is assisting companies in the preparation of the initial concrete map.
MEKA experts from commercial and technical departments will come directly to your office.
We provide an unlimited number of location and layout schemes for concrete plants, as per our customer’s requirements.

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