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MW 14

MW 15

MW 16

MW 1010

Overall Dimensions (Mm) (mm) Ø400x4000 Ø500x5000 Ø600x6000 Ø1000x10000
Performance 0-3 mm (m3/hour)(m³/h) 8 12 18 70
Performance 0-5 mm (m3/hour)(m³/h) 10 16 24 80
Performance 0-7 mm (m3/hour)(m³/h) 13 20 30 90
Power(kW) 3/1500 4/1500 5.5/1500 22/1500
Weight(kg) 1000 1500 2400 10500



MW 24

MW 25

MW 26

MW 28

Overall Dimensions(mm) Ø400x4000 Ø500x5000 Ø600x6000 Ø800x8000
Performance 0-3 mm (m3/hour) 16 25 35 55
Performance 0-5 mm (m3/hour) 21 33 45 65
Performance 0-7 mm (m3/hour)(m3/hour) 27 42 55 75
Power (kW)(kW) 2X4 2X5.5 2X7.5 2x15
Weight(kg) 2300 2800 5200 7700

Model features

High performance

Overall equipment efficiently and technological-process automation.

Working in harsh conditions

MEKA equipment were developed with the concept of using in harsh conditions.

Durable materials

All of MEKA equipment are made only of the best quality durable materials.

Easy servicing

Minimum servicing costs, easy servicing in installation, compactness and work.

Photos of washers

Video of washers


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We are developing a project design package for CMP layout on the construction site at no cost.
MEKA specialist from construction division will come to your office for the agreement of the location of the equipment on the customer’s site.

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