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Mobile concrete plant MEKAMIX 30M MB-30M (30 m 3)

MB 30M big
DescriptionUnit of measurementMeaning
Performance (compacted concrete) m3 / hour 30
Number of mixes mixes/hour 60
The volume of the mixer (compacted concrete) m3 0,5
The volume of the mixer (dry blend) L 0,75
Mixer motor power kWh 18,5
Number of sections of the bunker inert Quantity 4
The volume of sections of the bunker inert m3 7
Weigh conveyor inert mm 650x13.480
Inert feed conveyor mm 650x13.480
Inert dispenser Kg 1100
Cement dispenser Kg 300
Water dispenser L 160
Additive dispenser Kg 15
Cement auger mm 193x10.890
Number of silos Quantity 1
Silo capacity tons 22

Mobile concrete plant Mekamix 30M МВ-30М will become the ideal solution for the construction of small and medium-sized objects. Such a complex can consistently produce up to 30 cubic meters per hour of high-quality concrete, during the whole working shift.

Key features and advantages of the МВ-30М model:

  • Mobility. The loading/unloading time of the complex is less than a day, and only one semi-trailer platform is required to transport the plant.
  • Fast assembly. The complex is ready for work in 5-6 days.
  • Small dimensions. The installation of the plant will require an area of about 80 square meters.
  • Stable performance.
  • Possibility of preparation of concrete of various grades, including solutions with a high content of cement.
  • Durability. Water dispensers, ladders, and stairwells have got galvanized anti-corrosion coating. Dispensers for chemical components of the mixture are fully made of stainless steel.
  • Precise dosage. Special dispenser construction with frequency converter allows for reducing the consumption of cement, during concrete production.
  • Environmental friendliness. The built-in silo dispenser is supplied with the Italian industrial filters of the WAM Company.

Furthermore, the advantages of the МВ-30М complex also include ease of control and the possibility of remote control from the computer. For a fully functioning of mobile plant, a staff of three persons is enough.

Model features

Precise cement dosing

Screw outlet bolts and frequency converter reduce costs for cement!


High screw rates allow withstanding the capacity of the plant during the manufacture of high cement marks.

Galvanized gangways and stairs

All the gangways, stairs, parapets, and water dispensers are galvanized in a hot way

Stainless steel frame

All the chemical dispensers are made of stainless steel and equipped with 2(4) chemical pumps!

Photos of mobile concrete plant MEKAMIX 30M MB-30M

Video of mobile concrete plant MEKAMIX 30M MB-30M


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Selection of the source of heat supply
We will select the optimal source of heat supply for concrete plants, depending on your energy sources
The formula
Within the framework of a collaboration with the German company MC-Bauchemie, MEKA is assisting companies in the preparation of the initial concrete map.
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We provide an unlimited number of location and layout schemes for concrete plants, as per our customer’s requirements.

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